Why Tobias?

The Tobias Transpersonal Arts in Therapy programme responds to a growing need to expand the concepts and practise of Arts in Therapy.

Tobias is founded upon the principle that both individual healing and collective evolution begin with an individual’s willingness to engage in self-development involving the ‘whole’ person.

Our training responds to a growing need for a holistic approach to the concepts and practices of arts in therapy. The course is grounded in Transpersonal Arts practice, rooted in image and metaphor providing a sound and coherent foundation for therapeutic practice. The programme focuses on deepening the student’s proficiency in engaging through art and the human encounter for wellbeing, personal growth, and social change. Counselling is developed as an art, the conscious art of transformative meeting.

We offer distinctive curricula that unites a broad range of artistic, theoretical and experiential approaches into a whole journey.

Our philosophy unites Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy and Goethean / phenomenological thinking with core elements of other modalities for therapeutic practice which are deemed complementary or comparative to this approach including: Jung, Freud, Rogers, Gestalt, Maslow, Psychodynamic, Humanistic and the Transpersonal. Read more > Vision and Values.

Clients are offered hands on image making activities and dialogue. The therapist/counsellor initiates or supports a process of recovery, improvement or acceptance of the client’s condition. There is communication between the counsellor and the client throughout the processes with regard to the counselling/therapy itself and the impact on the client. The therapist/counsellor works with either a group or in a one-to-one setting and provides a safe and secure environment for clients’ engagement in a creative personal process.

The student will be taught how to build and maintain relationships and how to contact and communicate with people within professional boundaries. The student will be able to initiate, maintain and conclude a working relationship. The student is taught compliance with current government legislation and professional association regulations.

We place a high value on the sense of community generated within the student and graduate body.

Because most of our intake are mature students, we assume they have significant life experience. This experience is then informed by transpersonal knowledge, so that the counsellor develops his or her own unique style and emphasis. Our students leave with a compassion for self and others and the desire to serve in their communities.

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