What will I study?

What will I Study?

This is an experiential course, exploring how we bring depth, intimacy and presence to relationships with others, with our world and within ourselves.

Theory is taught and embedded through artistic practice and group processes. The teaching emphasises the development of intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual awareness.

Students learn client-centred counselling techniques, case management, ethics, working with different client groups, legal obligations and setting up a practice. Students also complete 250 hours of supervised clinical experience.

Our training emphasises self-discovery. Too early an emphasis on skills in therapeutic training can encourage the student to use techniques as a defence against the anxiety of being in the inevitable uncertainty of the counselling situation. In our training, both theoretical perspectives and the development of counselling skills are initially presented in an implicit, experiential way and only later made explicit. This building on inner experience is part of the ‘inside-out’ learning method in which students integrate skills into their own reality rather than using them as technical means to an end.

Learning and assessment:

The training is delivered via lectures, debates, presentations, audio-visual materials, group exercises, skills practices, process groups, reflective practice and presentations. As well as attending timetabled teaching days at the college, students spend time attending placement, supervision (typically around 1 day per week in total), undertaking personal therapy (approximately 1 hour per week) as well as independent guided study and preparation for assignments.

Assessment is continuous throughout the training.

Formative and summative assessments are integrated throughout the programme. Formative assessments such as journal writing, feedback from skills practice and participation in experiential work are not formally marked. Summative assessments such as essay writing, the competency to practice interview and end of year assessments are formally marked.

Details of timetables, assessment requirements and criteria as well as deadline dates for assignments can be found in the teaching schedule and handbook which is given to students at the start of the training.

Assessment & Assignments

Year 1 (Unit 1)

You will need to achieve a pass mark as a minimum for each of the following:

Reflective Imaginative Journal and Essay
• 3000 word essay
• Reflective Journals

Nature Rhythms: An Art and Research Therapeutic Project
• Essay: 3000 word essay
• Artistic Enquiry Project Presentation 20 minutes

Prejudice and Diversity Counselling Assignment
• 2000 word essay

Plant Research and Observation Study
• Practical assignment

Counselling and Psychology Assessment (Terms 2 & 3) – Tutor Reports

Readiness for Placement Assessment

Affiliateship Requirements
(For Students wishing to Achieve City & Guilds Level 5 ACGI Award)

• A series of workshops (minimum of 3) with a themed programme throughout the series.
• 3000 word report

Year 2 (Unit 2)

Projection, Projective Identification, Transfer and Counter Transference Essay
• 1500 word essay

Qualitative Reflections in Art Media Essay
• 3000 word essay

Modality Assignment
• 500 word essay

Counselling and Psychology Assessment

Ongoing Placement Assessment

Placement Client Reports

Year 3 (Units 3 & 4)

Self Reflective Research Project Presentation
• 50 Minute Presentation

Dissertation Supervision Feedback
• 8000 words

Case Study Report
• 7000 words
• 45 Minute Presentation

Supervision Feedback
• Ongoing Placement Assessment & Supervisor Reports
• Placement Manager Reports
• Self-Assessment Reports

Client Reports (minimum of 2)
• 500-1000 words each

Personal Therapy Completion (40 Hours – minimum)

250 hours of supervised client contact clinical placement

You need to achieve a pass mark as a minimum for all essays and assignments completed, including all rewrites.

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