Year 3: Unit 3

Unit 3

Unit Learning Outcomes

Self Reflective Research Project

Unit learning outcomes


  • Develop systematic knowledge and critically evaluate current research on a hosen aspect of practice relevant to own professional needs and interests
  • Develop the skills of self-directed and independent learning for advanced scholarship and continuing professional development
  • Knowledge and understanding of a range of methodological approaches and to select and apply an appropriate method for own project/research
  • Demonstrate a conceptual understanding of applied theories and practice of relevant aspects of psychotherapy
  • Demonstrate specialist and in-depth knowledge and skill
  • Review and critically evaluate published work on the project/topic area
  • Show self-direction and originality through devising and completing a proposal for the intended project/dissertation and obtaining ethical approval
  • Write a research dissertation that contributes to the advancement of knowledge and demonstrates creativity and originality.
  • Knowledge and critical awareness of current problems in the profession

Syllabus Outline

The student will undertake a Self Reflective Research project with a theme of their choice, conduct research in a systematic way and write a dissertation

The unit requires the student to undertake a small-scale self reflective research project in a systematic and rigorous way with a theme that has a personal element of enquiry to it and one which the student wishes to understand and progress. The research project will demonstrate the student’s ability to be reflexive applied to a personal theme through an experiential art process

The dissertation is the distillation of this project and to communicate this with clarity and precision

Students should show, as a result of undertaking their project, an ability to undertake time management of their project and to develop self-directed research and research management skills

Students should also demonstrate and understand the principles of data collection, analysis and critically examine their researches.


Main topics of study:

  • Selecting a self reflective research topic
  • Writing a research/dissertation proposal
  • Conducting a literature review
  • Ethical issues in research
  • Sources of information (library systems, Internet, etc)
  • Research methods
  • Using peer support/study groups
  • Writing a research report/dissertation
  • Reflecting on experience/learning

Teaching and Learning Methods

  • Initial workshops on Research Methods
  • Independent study/ self-managed learning,
  • Tutorials
  • Background Reading
  • Learning/Developing Methodology
  • Research/Data collection
  • Analysis/discussion
  • Development of artistic process

Reading Strategy


Students will be guided to identify and select essential reading to orientate themselves around the unit topics and in relation to their particular learning focus.

Access and skills

All students are encouraged to make use of the resources provided by the Tobias School Library, online libraries, research available and the faculty.



Self Reflective Research Project Presentation
weighted: 50%

  • 50 Minute Presentation


weighted: 50%

  • 8000 words


250 hours of supervised client contact clinical placement

Personal Therapy Completion (40 Hours – minimum) – Pass

Unit 4

Clinical Placement Unit

Unit learning outcomes


At the end of the Unit the student will have:

  • Increased competence as a therapist.
  • Developed own therapeutic style informed by the theoretical framework of the programme.
  • Learned how to keep an accurate record of their work.
  • Developed a thorough understanding of the administrative requirements for a therapist in a clinical setting.
  • Learned how to make dynamic use of supervision for their own professional development.
  • Developed the capacity to evaluate their own work.
  • Developed an empathetic understanding of being in a clinical environment.
  • Clear ideas about how to promote good mental health.
  • Integrated theoretical understanding with experience of therapeutic work.
  • An increased level of self-awareness.
  • A working knowledge of evidence-based practice as an assessment tool.
  • Learned about collaboration with other professionals.
  • Developed an awareness and understanding of the organisational systems in a clinical setting.
  • Developed an awareness and understanding of different methods of evaluation.
  • Developed a clear understanding of local legislation and referral procedures.
  • The ability to work therapeutically with adults and children.


At the end of this Unit students will have had:

  • 250 Hours of supervised clinical practice
  • One to one therapy with clients.
  • Small group work with clients.
  • Small group supervision and individual supervision.


Students will know how to:

  • Keep clear records of work including own process notes.
  • Work as part of a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Support the placement with activities which promote good mental health where needed.
  • Understand the administration systems connected with the placements.
  • Integrate therapeutic theory with practice.
  • Work with other professionals as part of the assessment process and in a therapeutically supportive role.
  • Work as part of a care team in a clinical setting assessing the needs of the individual and completing referral paperwork.
  • Work in partnership with other professionals, support staff, clients, service users and their relatives and carers both as part of the assessment process and in a therapeutically supportive role.
  • Use a broad range of therapeutic interventions with clients.
  • Ensure the safeguarding and protection of clients should an incident be witnessed or a disclosure take place.
  • Critically evaluate current research and advanced scholarship in the field of human development and apply this to the student’s own client observation.


Case Study Report
weighted: 55%

  • 7000 words
  • 45 Minute Presentation


Supervision Feedback
weighted: 45%

  • Ongoing Placement Assessment & Supervisor Reports
  • Placement Manager Reports
  • Self-Assessment Reports


Client Reports (minimum of 2)
Pass Required

  • 500-1000 words each – Pass


Personal Therapy Completion (40 Hours – minimum)  – Pass

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