Term Dates – Academic Year 2019/2020

Download and print the dates here: Term Dates 2019/2020 Academic Year

Autumn Term 2019

Mon 23 Sept Term starts
Mon 28 Oct Half Term
Mon 4 Nov Term re-starts
Tues 10 Dec Term Ends

Spring Term 2020

Mon 13 Jan Term starts
Mon 17 Feb Half Term
Mon 24 Feb Term re-starts
Tues 24 Mar Term Ends

Summer Term 2020

Mon 27 Apr Term starts
Mon 25 May Half Term
Mon 1 June Term re-starts
Tues 7 July Term Ends

Term Dates – Academic Year 2020/2021

Download and print the dates here: Term Dates 2020/2021 Academic Year

Autumn Term 2020

Mon 28 Sept Term starts
Mon 26 Oct Half Term
Mon 2 Nov Term re-starts
Tues 15 Dec Term Ends

Spring Term 2021

Mon 11 Jan Term starts
Mon 15 Feb Half Term
Mon 22 Feb Term re-starts
Tues 23 Mar Term Ends

Summer Term 2021

Mon 26 Apr Term starts
Mon 31 May Half Term
Mon 7 June Term re-starts
Tues 6 July Term Ends


Cohort: 2017-2020:

Seventh Module: March 9th – March 20th 2020
Eighth Module:    November 2nd – November 13th 2020

Cohort: 2020 – 2023:

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First Module: November 16th – November 28th 2020
Second Module:    April 26th – May 7th  2021
Third Module:  November 8th – November 19 2021

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