Tobias Modular Training

See Arts for Health and Wellbeing and Transpersonal Art in Therapy Training for detailed training descriptions.

4 Year Part Time/Modular Training:

Our next modular training is scheduled to begin in 28th Mar 2022.

We provide a blend of residential and online modules every year for four years which comprises of one residential module for two weeks during July or April each year (depending on cohort) and six two-day online modules (12 days in total) spread throughout the remainder of each year. Dates will be given to each cohort at the start of each year.

This way of studying is particularly suitable for international students. Tobias is situated only 20 mins from Gatwick airport and has good transport links to the rest of the UK. We welcome students from around the world and are happy to discuss eligibility with prospective students.

This training is also ideal for UK students living further away from us or who have work and/or family commitments where this method of training would work best.

Please note that all entry and training requirements are the same for both the Full Time and Modular formats of this training.

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After completing the first two years, successful students gain a Transpersonal Arts for Health and Wellbeing: City and Guilds: Level 5 (ACGI) award and after a further two years they qualify as a Transpersonal Art Counsellor, City and Guilds: Level 7 (MCGI) award.


APPLICATION DUE DATE: Modular Training:  31 January 2022

Dates and Fees

The Next Module is due to start March 2022.


Cohort: Mar 2022 – 2026:

Transpersonal Arts for Health & Wellbeing:

Year 1:                                     £3250

Year 2:                                     £3250

Transpersonal Arts in Therapy

Year 3:                                     £3250

Year 4:                                     £3250

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