International students are welcome at our Transpersonal Arts in Therapy Part Time/Modular programme which involves being at Tobias for four weeks per year. This training is ideally suited to students who work and/or live a little further away from us. It is with pleasure that we welcome students from all over the world to Tobias.

There are two modules each year each two weeks long – eight modules in total. The next course will commence on 16 November 2020. Each year the modules are held at roughly the same times so that it is easy for planning purposes for students. There is only one training running at any one time so the next training begins only when the current training ends i.e. November 2024.

If accommodation is required during the modules it will be organised by the school and we will do our best to arrange it so that students reside in the same place where possible. The accommodation is usually offered on a single room, self catering basis.



Before you apply for our trainings, read the entry information to ensure you are eligible.

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