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Maria Albiez has been a tutor at Tobias School of Art and Therapy for over sixteen years. This summer she made the decision to reduce her teaching hours at Tobias and take some well-deserved time for herself. We thought that we would ask her about her life and time at Tobias.

Maria’s Tobias journey started over 30 years ago in 1989 when she enrolled at Tobias to take part in the Transpersonal Arts in Therapy Training. The Tobias training was very different then, students studied and stayed at Tobias five days a week for three years. The first and second year focusing solely on art skills and the third year therapy skills. Maria enjoyed her time during training and laughs as she recalls living under the Oak Tree in a caravan for years two and three of her studies.

After qualifying at Tobias in 1992 Maria put all her new found skills to good use when she undertook a one-year placement working in a psychiatric ward at Park Attwood Clinic in Kidderminster, UK, a private healthcare setting that combined conventional with anthroposophic medicine.

Realising her passion was sculpture, Maria went on to study sculpture therapy for three years under Gertraud Goodwin. In 1998 Maria became a teacher at the Sculpture studio in Hoathly Hill and practiced as a therapist at Nutley Hall while spending each summer at Park Attwood as a locum.

Living near East Grinstead, Maria became a tutor at Tobias School in 2006.

“I love teaching at Tobias”, she says, “I enjoy the personal growth, constantly gaining new insights as I learn from the students and the subjects. I love to see the student’s potential often before they see it themselves and help the student realise their true worth and growth. My office has been in the library at Tobias and after the sculpture studio it is my favourite place, I love to be surrounded by knowledge and learning”.

Maria is a regular tutor and mentor at Tobias and by cutting back her hours of regular teaching she will have time to develop her new hobbies of tending her herb garden and Beekeeping. “I cannot stay still” she laughs, “I shall have something to do every day. Monday is Yoga, Tuesday choir, Wednesday community meetings, Thursday Tai Chi and Friday Eurythmy.”




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