Majestically standing at the entrance to Tobias is a magnificent Oak Tree which has stood on its spot for 100s of years.

How we are connected to nature is at the very heart of the training at Tobias. We refer to our Oak Tree regularly and it is constant inspiration for artwork throughout the training.

Every student over the last 40years has had an intimate relationship with our tree.

Last month we received some bad news. Our tree is sick, it was badly struck by lightning four years ago and has struggled to heal itself, there is a disease deep inside its trunk that threatens its stability.

Our tree is our friend, this news saddens all of us that have known him for years.

Due to our tree’s close proximity to the school and student accommodation we have been advised that it needs to be cut right back to reduce the risk of an accident.

This week tree surgeons have been at Tobias, the branches have gone, the cool shade is reduced and for now the swing has stopped swinging.

Our tree is still alive, it has cared and guarded us for decades and now it is our turn to care for it. In time Our Oak may grow a small, safer canopy but until then, we are grateful that Our Tree is still here at Tobias.


Friendly Tree, this is your day,
So we’ll stop our work and play
And talk to you,
And all the good things that you do.
Standing still and quiet there,
Sending branches into air,
Making pleasant shade around,
Delving far beneath the ground,
Holding all year safe from harm
Little nests within your arm,
Keeping firmly where you are,
Reaching up to touch a star,
Growing, working, just as I,
Seeking God within the sky.

Anette Wynn



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