Representing Easter during this unusual time.

Fourteen of our wonderful students each chose a Station of the Cross to respond to artistically. The Stations represent Jesus’s progress from his condemnation by Pilate through to his crucifixion and burial.

The original artwork was due to be displayed at Lingfield Parish Church over the Easter period.  Unfortunately as the church building is closed during lockdown, a picture per day is being posted on their website.

We shall also be posting them on our Instagram page and here on this page, the prayers are provided by Lingfield Parish Church.

We thank everyone from Lingfield Parish Church for your support and we look forward to many more partnerships.

Station 1 – Pilate Condemns Jesus to Death


Artwork produced by Vijiha Bashir.

In your life you will be given turbulent paths to walk down. You may not see hope in where it is taking you. Walk it with love and humility as it will lead you to your purpose. (Paper, graphite and watercolour)

‘Lord, you did know what to expect. For all the years of your earthly life, on the long journey to Jerusalem, you saw ahead of you suffering and an ignominious death. And you could have escaped, calling on your Father to save you, and he would have done so. Forgive us for every act of thoughtlessness, of cruelty, of spite, and help us to be more like you, full of faith and courage whatever we have to face.’


Station 2 – Jesus Accepts his Cross


Artwork produced by Sophia Louise Butler.

Jesus carries the cross.The day you decide to carry the weight of the life that has been given to you is the day you’ll be free. (Acrylic on canvas)

“Lord, we pray for our own community, for our friends and for the people we meet each day. Help us to be aware of their needs, their loneliness or fear for the future, the isolation of the very old and housebound, the hazards of the young and inexperienced, and give us generous hearts to care for them with sensitivity and understanding. Lord, help us to show others the compassion that you show us.”


Station 3 – Jesus Falls the First Time


Artwork produced by Kate Hasted.

It is okay to fail. We discover through dark times that there is lightness, bringing reflection and hope. (An exploration through the medium of felt)

“Lord, sometimes life just gets on top of us, too much stress, too many demands on our time, too many catastrophes which are not of our making and which touch us only indirectly, but which impinge on our consciousness all the same. Help us to be still and to know that you are God, and that if we can trust all things to you, you will not fail us, and all will be well in ways which are beyond our understanding.”


Station 4 – Jesus Meets his Mother


Artwork produced by Kitty Cava.

Mary meets Jesus on the road to Calvary. Christ’s love and the love of his mother merge when they meet and such a powerful love between them is created. This is represented in the merging of the blue and red.

“Lord, we pray for families, for those which are divided by war, by hunger, by religious division, by the breakdown of the love that once held them together. We ask you to bless our own families, our parents and grandparents, our children and their children and all those whom we love; help us to support and care for one another as you support and care for us.”


Station 5 – Simon helps Jesus Carry the Cross


Artwork produced by Naomi Newsham.

This kind deed for me is represented by blue, which has a holding, healing, protective quality. The images are ethereal and incomplete as this is an event relived every year as if for the first time and so materialise and fade.

“Lord, we pray for the peacemakers, for men and women of all nationalities who are prepared to carry out your work of compassion and reconciliation wherever they see the suffering of your people. We pray for ourselves that even if, like Simon, we are brought face to face with human need and do not want to be involved, we may remember that in serving others, we have the great privilege of serving you.”


Station 6 – Veronica wipes the face of Jesus


Artwork produced by Sarah Hedley Dray.

Veronica approached Jesus with her veil to wipe His face. By defying prejudice, she teaches us about kindness, compassion and reaching out to others.

“Lord, give us the gift of compassion. We are so often bound up with our own needs, our own concerns. Help us to remember that when we feed the hungry, welcome the stranger, visit the sick and those who are in prison, we will find you in them.”


Station 7 – Jesus falls a second time


Artwork produced by Ruth Johnson.

I have used a wet on wet approach to paint my painting. I felt it was important to represent the mood in the sky of what was happening to Jesus.

“Lord, there are times in our lives when we feel overwhelmed by pain and distress, when we cry with the psalmist that we would fly away and be at rest. Forgive us for the weakness of our faith; we forget that you have been in this place before us and that your pain was borne for our sake. Help us to trust in your love and your strength to uphold us.”


Station 8 – Jesus speaks to the women of Jerusalem


Artwork produced by Jaquelynn A. Taipe-Margiotta.

For the people of the Andes, colours are the expression of the soul. The more vivid the colours the higher the feeling.

“Lord, we pray for those who are bereaved, for children who have lost their parents and for parents whose children have died. Lord, there is grief that is unbearable, that we can hardly imagine unless we have felt it for ourselves, the times when comfort seems impossible and we cannot understand how we can go on living. Have mercy on all who suffer such anguish, and bring them the hope of your salvation, for themselves and for those whom they have loved and lost.”


Station 9 – Jesus falls a third time


Artwork produced by Aryana Snow.

As mother earth cries, witnessing the pain and suffering our world is in. Can we find the strength and faith within to dry her tears to hear her call to create a loving world?

“Lord, there are times when faith is hard, when you seem very far away from us. Forgive us when the burden of our life drags us down, when we can hardly bring ourselves to look up and see your merciful eyes looking down at us and your hands reaching out to lift us towards you. Help us to remember that you, the one who was without sin, suffered for us, loving us to the end.”


Station 10 – Jesus is Stripped of his Garments


Artwork produced by Drew Sinclair.

Bitter step towards our redemption. Stripped of your garments and possessions, exposed to shame, cast out of society, you the outcasts of our world. (Medium: Pencil & Acrylic)

“Lord, we pray for prisoners of conscience and for all who suffer unjust imprisonment, for those who are persecuted because of their faith. Have mercy on them, most merciful Saviour, and help them to know that you, who have suffered as they do, are always with them. We pray for all who are sick in body, mind or spirit, and for those who care for them.”


Station 11 – Jesus is Nailed to the Cross


Artwork produced by Archie and Louisa Hurn.

Archie suffers from autism, he bears his cross every day and the world is hard for him to understand. He is misunderstood just as Jesus was. To look through the eyes of a child is to look through the eyes of the truth.

“Lord, in a world, your world, which is so full of violence and hatred, men and women so often think that they know exactly what they are doing: they are defeating an enemy, getting rid of a hated persecutor, wreaking vengeance on those who, in their turn, have brought suffering and death. But they do not know that they are crucifying you again. Father, forgive us all for the sins we commit knowingly and for those which we do not even recognise as nails hammered into your hands. Father, forgive us.”


Station 12 – Jesus dies on the Cross


Artwork produced by Sarah Mitchell.

Held in the loving arms of God. The death of his physical body hangs on the cross; his inner landscape merged with his surroundings. His soul expanded and connected to the sky and sun. His heart expanded and connected to all that witnessed and knew his name.

“Lord, we pray for those who have died, that they may be held in your loving hands for all eternity. We pray for those who mourn, that you will be their strength and their comforter. We pray for ourselves, that you will be with us at the hour of our death.”


Station 13 – Jesus is taken down from the Cross


Artwork produced by Sarah Thilo.

The colours are surreal as a new world is born out of darkness. Jesus’s body is dead but his Spirit will live and bring life to all.

“Lord, at the end you were in the hands of your friends, Joseph who cared for your body and gave you his own tomb, and the women who stayed with you. Thank you for friendship, for the people who have stood by us, cared about us, been faithful to us through many years. Help us to be good friends to them and give us warm and generous hearts towards everyone we meet.”


Station 14 – Jesus is Placed in the Tomb


Artwork produced by Maria Bell.

Joseph and Nicodemis show tenderness and warmth when preparing Jesus and laying him to rest. With death comes new beginnings and a healing.. A divine light carries Jesus up to be resurrected. (Watercolour wet on wet process)

“It is finished. And we know that there is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male or female, there is no longer friend or foe, for all of us are one in Christ Jesus our Lord. May the grace of God be with you always. Amen.”


He is risen – Alleluia

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