As we prepare for the start of term on 24th September we reflect on what it means to be a Tobias student.

At the end of last term the students were asked to write one line depicting their experiences at Tobias on small luggage labels which we hung onto our apple trees in our garden.

The students wrote many beautiful and inspirational things which summarise Tobias and it’s values.

Quotes included:

It is what it is…but it’s not what it seems to be…
Love in everything
Live in thinking
Light in action
You are loved

Nature, silence, animals and plants, soul awakening

Authentic heart

Magic, Miracles, Strength, transform, growth, warmth, love, support

Gratitude, entertaining, patience, self reflective, self care, love.

If you love it, let it go.

Lots of gratitude for all the people that I met here. I felt so supported and listened to. I discovered colour worlds, rainbows of emotions, the way to be, acceptance and empthany.

I leave behind all the accumulated suffering. I honour my abilities. I take care of myself and take care of my physical and emotional needs.

Sense of community and friendship

Stirring, simmering, checking for flavour – enjoy!

Endings and new beginnings

All my gratitude goes to Tobias, the lovely teachers and students

To all the students who carry therapy into the world.

Tobias has taught me how to be a beautifully authentic, compassionate and determined human being in love.

Highs and lows. A time to rejoice, a time to cry, a time to sing, a time to paint, and through it all a group to hold and embrace.

The most wonderful and challenging time. In my heart Tobias will always be here and I am never going to forget.

Grateful, lucky, magical.

I leave behind a bright blessing in this community.


Thank you! We look forward to next week and welcoming our new intake soon.




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