Sleeping, waking, dreaming – a Summer Art Retreat

With Clare Kunze

Date and Times: 10am-4pm

Monday 17- Friday 21 July 2017

Cost: £225.00

Five day art retreat


What is creativity? Where do pictures come from? What are our tools on the journey towards an image? In this year’s Summer Art retreat we will follow some of those questions as far as we can chase them and find ourselves in that space between dreaming and waking. As a foundation for our artistic explorations, Clare will introduce ways to represent sleeping, dreaming and waking. We will collect impressions outside, engaging in observation and reflection. In the studio, we will work with our findings through painting in the fluid, process-oriented wet-on-wet method as well as some other media. There will be a good balance of guidance and individual freedom and a chance to compare experiences in conversation.

The Studio is open after 4pm, so that whoever wishes can continue working and exploring.
Cläre Kunze lives in Frankfurt/Main. She gives workshops on art and anthroposophy in Germany, Croatia, England and Taiwan (

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