Some of the work by our General Manager Jonathan Chequers has been published this month in a beautiful glossy book called:


Metamorphosis – Journeys Through Transformation of Form

to see Jonathan’s contributions click on the following links.


link – Plant Metamorphosis in Relief

link – The Coming into Being of Form


Metamorphosis – Journeys Through Transformation of Form

is edited by  – Gertraud Goodwin


‘Approaching the different and manifold sequences in this book… one will gradually
come to realise that metamorphosis can become an ideal for knowledge, a guiding
path for self-knowledge and knowledge of the world – as intuitive contemplation and
as artistic creation.’ – Dr Peter Wolf

What is metamorphosis? Through the medium of art, sculptor Gertraud Goodwin invites us to enter the realm of time and continuously changing movement in this highly original book. With chapters by various artists and
writers, interwoven with her key insights, Goodwin offers numerous points of entry to understanding the mystery of metamorphosis. Profusely illustrated in colour, we are shown many sequences of images – of sculptures,
reliefs and graphic works – which, with the aid of informed commentary, we are invited to ‘read’. These images belong together, developing from one to the next – just as single experiences and events in life belong to
our biographies. One motif, one movement, passes through all stages, from simple beginnings and more differentiated formations, to a culmination – and, from there, back to a more mature simplicity and concentration, which makes a new beginning possible.

‘In relation to the transcendent, where ordinary words fail, the language of form, texture and relations in space, like those of music in time, offer alternatives to words, perhaps less encumbered by preconceptions. These pages offer many examples of the beauties and mysteries of metamorphosis, which is itself an essential component of Nature’s creative language.’ – Dr Philip Kilner

GERTRAUD GOODWIN was born in Germany in 1951. In her first career she worked as an operating theatre nurse at the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh. Her sculpture training at the Alanus-Kunsthochschule near Bonn (1976–1979) was followed by a training for sculpture therapy. Gertraud moved to England in 1982 where she taught at the Tobias School of Art in East Grinstead and at Emerson College, Forest Row, as well as working with graphics. In 1987 she started to teach sculpture and graphics in her own studio, Gertraud has exhibited in galleries in London, Brighton, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.


Metamorphosis – Journeys Through Transformation of Form

To order:

Published dates: 9 May 2016
Temple Lodge Publishing
ISBN 978 1 906999 93 3
24 x 29.5 mm
160 pp
Paperback Original

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