Summer Courses

Landscapes of the Soul – Dreams in Colour

With Clare Kunze
Date and Times: 9:30am-4pm
Monday 11- Thursday 14 July 2016
Cost: £200.00

Four day art retreat

Images seem to arise when we keep our attention on the colours we paint and on our inner responses to them. In conversation with the colours we encounter in nature, the atmosphere and plant world we will explore the landscapes of our souls. We will look at the basic vocabulary of colour, seeking advice from J W Goethe and Rudolf Steiner who formulated exciting and flexible concepts which can help us today when we try to find a new, personal road into painting. We will mainly use a wet-on-wet painting technique, manifesting colour layers in an open and transparent way. The picture emerges slowly, permitting us to live in attentive presence and curiosity, whilst colour moods develop into personal images. There will also be chalk pastels and some drawing for focus and relaxation.

With Clare Kunze, artist and author of “Colour pathways for the soul.” Clare Kunze taught at Tobias from 1997 to 2010. Now lives in Frankfurt teaching the art of painting and drawing for relaxation and personal development.

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