Written in 2004 by Anne Stockton,

the co-founder of Tobias.

Rebirth and Management Stage

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With deaths and retirement Tobias went through a year of ‘pralaya’ and reforming. It came to life as a phoenix and is now flourishing and recognised officially. This has been an uphill struggle against hard times, finding new ways to meet new circumstances. The teachers, with Peter Ramm, formed a small, tight group with new ideas and with due respect to the realities which we, in our enthusiasm not matched by hard-to-come-by funds, had left in an unfinished state.

The challenging realities were many. As I see it, few students could any longer afford the high cost of 4 and 5 year trainings, which were demanded. If they took such trainings it must lead to eventual livelihoods. Therefore it is mostly the therapy training that attracts students. Therefore the Art Therapy stream has grown strong at Tobias; at present its signature course. I am privileged to be invited to closing events, case studies and exhibitions. The work has grown remarkably, is beautiful in imagination, freedom and technique! After all, the therapy lies, not in technique or recipes, but in freeing the imagination of the patient and connecting them with etheric, living forces.

After 25 years, Tobias has entered the new millennium. I can only compliment the School on its achievements, the standards and quality of its work and its professionalism. It has gained recognition from the City & Guilds enabling awards at Level 7, (Masters equivalent), to be awarded. A great deal of hard work has gone into all this and it will make a big difference to the future of Tobias, and bring new students. Even without this, a recent graduate was given a NHS job in a cancer hospital. Another satisfies herself with a job in a women’s prison’…because this is work for the future.’ Many other graduates are working fruitfully as well-earning therapists.

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